Have you been thinking about bringing your child to see us but aren’t quite sure what to expect? Wondering what sorts of treatments we offer? We provide comprehensive pediatric care to ensure your child’s smile remains healthy and beautiful for many years to come. For a more detailed understanding of what you can look forward to when you schedule an appointment for your child, we encourage you to look through the following answers to questions we commonly receive from parents.

Common Questions About Pediatric Care

Question: Will you help my child feel safe?

Answer: Yes. We take special care to ensure your child feels comfortable and at ease during his or her visit. We will cater to your little one’s needs and offer a gentle approach.

Question: When should I schedule an appointment for my child?

Answer: We encourage parents to begin pediatric care for their children either by the child’s first birthday or when the first tooth makes its appearance through the gum tissue.

Question: How does early care make a difference for my child’s health?

Answer: Even before permanent teeth form, your child’s baby teeth and jaws influence the way his or her speech and chewing habits develop. Early care can help set excellent habits for life. In addition, by detecting any abnormalities early, we can guide your child’s health and smile in the right direction as it grows.

Question: Do you offer any type of special pediatric treatments?

Answer: Yes, we often encourage parents to choose dental sealants and fluoride for their children. Sealants provide a barrier over the chewing surfaces of back teeth, so your little one’s molars have a greater ability to avoid cavity formation. They may last for up to 10 years, providing long-term results. The fluoride provides minerals to your child’s teeth, keeping them strong while assisting in tooth decay prevention. These treatments are simple and comfortable.


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