It’s fair to say that patients are typically never excited to find out they have an infected tooth. In addition to dealing with the discomfort that accompanies an infection, you will find that the suggestion to clear infection usually includes a root canal. While you may not feel positive about the diagnosis initially, we hope you will come around as you learn more about the benefits of root canal treatment. We know you probably have a lot of questions, which is why we have gathered the following answers to inquiries we hear quite often. Keep in mind, your comfort is our greatest priority, so you can expect a gentle, empathetic approach.

Root Canal Treatment Questions

Question: Should I be nervous?

Answer: No. Root canal treatment is designed to end your discomfort by removing the source of your pain: The infection. Before your treatment begins, we will thoroughly numb the affected tooth and the tissues surrounding it so you feel relaxed during the procedure.

Question: What if I am extremely nervous?

Answer: Whether you feel jittery or simply don’t think you can go through with the procedure, we can address your anxiety and want you to know your feelings are completely normal. We offer sedation dentistry solutions if you need something to guide you into deep relaxation and tranquility. Please speak with us about your options, so we can treat your tooth as soon as possible.

Question: What will happen to my tooth afterwards?

Answer: Your infection will clear and you will regain comfort. Though we will remove infected dental pulp, your tooth will be able to continue living and remaining healthy without it. We will most likely place a beautiful, color-matched dental crown on top of your tooth, so you can enjoy a smile that continues to function comfortably, while looking beautiful.


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