According to studies conducted by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 69% of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 will lose at least one permanent tooth. What happens if you lose a tooth? How do you replace a lost tooth? There are actually a number of procedures available to replace missing teeth.

Tooth Replacement Quiz

1. True or False: Tooth loss can lead to facial collapse.

2. True or False: A dental bridge can replace one or multiple teeth.

3. True or False: Some patients may benefit from partial dentures.

4. True or False: Dental implants can last for decades.

Answer Key

1. True. When you lose a tooth, the body immediately registers the loss of a tooth root. The body then stops providing doses of calcium and phosphorus, causing the jawbone tissue to dissolve. The patient may then take on an aged appearance as the facial structure collapses, leading to ptotic chins and sunken cheeks.

2. True. A dental bridge is a replacement tooth with a crown attached to either end. The crowns are placed over the natural teeth on each side of the gap in the smile. If you have one lost tooth or multiple missing teeth in a row, the dentist may recommend a dental bridge.

3. True. Partial dentures work great for those who have multiple missing teeth but don’t yet need a full set of dentures. The prosthesis consists of replacement teeth with metal clasps on each end. The clasps attach to the natural teeth and anchor the prosthesis into place.

4. True. Another option is a dental implant. We insert a metal implant into the jawbone, which is accepted as a natural root and bonds with the bone tissue. We then add a restoration to the top. In addition to replacing a single lost tooth we can use this option to secure a full set of dentures.


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