Do you like the way your smile looks for the most part but you wish less of your gum tissue showed while you smiled? Perhaps your teeth look to be the same length but by taking a look at your entire smile, they just don’t seem balanced. Or, maybe your teeth look quite short, so your smile does not seem to complement your facial features. Whatever the problem, gum contouring may address your esthetic concerns, so you can achieve a stunning smile you feel happy to show off to those around you. Wondering what to expect from contouring? Learn more with the following Q&A session:

Gum Contouring: Q&A

Question: Are my teeth just too short?

Answer: In some cases, your teeth look “squatty” or too small for your face because of excessive gum tissue. By removing some of the tissue, we will reveal a greater amount of each tooth. Though your teeth remain the same size, they will simply appear longer for a smile that harmonizes more beautifully with your appearance.

Question: Are my teeth uneven?

Answer: For teeth that are even across your tooth line but that look unbalanced, you may suffer from an uneven gumline. Rather than removing a uniform amount of gum tissue over each tooth, we will remove strategic portions to sculpt a gumline that reveals an even amount of each tooth. The result will include improved consistency and symmetry.

Question: What is gum contouring, exactly?

Answer: Contouring is a surgical procedure. After speaking with you about your concerns and evaluating your smile, we will create a customized plan to remove small amounts of gum tissue. We will thoroughly numb your gum tissue and then carefully create incisions to re-sculpt your gumline. You will need to follow specific instructions for recovery, such as eating soft foods and treating your gumline delicately. The finished result will include a beautiful, improved smile.


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