The best route to a beautiful smile involves improving your oral health. With a simple preventive approach to dental care, you can reduce your risk of developing common dental problem, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Let’s look at five simple tips for improving your oral health.

Improve your Oral Health

1. Brush your Teeth Daily: Each day you should brush your teeth twice, once in the morning and again before going to bed. We recommend brushing for two minutes per session using an ADA-approved brush that has soft bristles. Hard bristles can potentially wear away enamel and increase your risk of tooth decay.

2. Floss Everyday: Flossing removes food particles caught between teeth that brushing cannot. Without flossing, bacteria break down these trapped particles, coating the teeth in plaque and boost oral acidity. This makes you at risk of developing cavities or gum disease. You should floss everyday before going to bed.

3. Receive a Checkup: A checkup is an opportunity for the dentist to exam your teeth and look for the early signs of dental issues. The dentist will then recommend treatment before the issue requires more intensive treatment options. You should have your teeth examined at least once every six months.

4. Have your Teeth Cleaned: a cleaning does more than just brighten your teeth and freshen your breath. Using either a manual tool or an ultrasonic scaler, the dentist or hygienist will erase the plaque from our teeth. Removing plaque can reduce your chances of developing gum disease or cavities.

5. Change your Diet: The foods and drinks we consume can have a negative impact on your oral health, especially if you have food and drink high in sugar and other starches. You should drink more water and add more grains, fresh fruit, and vegetables to your diet.


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