A cavity is a widespread disorder that affects nearly all of us at one point in life. In fact, only about 2% of the population is immune to dental caries. How do you repair cavities? With the right care and treatments we can improve the health and appearance of the teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Addressing Cavities

Question: What causes tooth decay?

Answer: A variety of factors can lead to cavities, including chips, fractures, and poor oral hygiene. Understanding the cause of your decay is essential to choosing the best treatment option. We can do this with a thorough dental exam.

Question: How do I know if I need treatment?

Answer: Tooth decay occurs when bacteria moves past the outer enamel and reaches the more sensitive inner layers of dentin. As a result, the early symptoms may include tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures or toothaches. If you experience discomfort that persists after 48 hours then contact a dental professional right away.

Question: What are white fillings?

Answer: In most cases, we will repair a cavity with a white filling. Unlike metal fillings these are natural looking and blend with your remaining tooth structure. We will first remove the decay from your tooth and place a composite resin. After curing and polishing the material the filling will look completely natural. We can complete this entire procedure in a single visit.

Question: What if my tooth becomes infected?

Answer: In some cases, the decay can lead to an infection once the bacteria reach the inner pulp. At this stage, we can perform a root canal to remove the infected tissue. We then place a dental crown to complete the procedure and ensure your tooth looks completely lifelike. If you have any questions about our solutions for tooth decay then contact our office today.


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