Yellow or brown teeth stains can hurt the appearance of your smile. How do you remove teeth stains? With the right preventive treatments and cosmetic options you can once again enjoy a beautiful smile. We discuss your options for removing discoloration so you can enjoy a brighter smile.

Removing Teeth Stains in Corona, CA

1. True or False: The foods and drinks you consume can lead to discoloration.

2. True or False: Your daily habits can brighten your teeth.

3. True or False: A dental cleaning can help your teeth stay bright.

4. True or False: Professional teeth whitening can remove teeth stains.

Answer Key

1. True. Foods high in sugar and drinks with dark pigments (including coffee, soda, tea, and red wine) can lead to unsightly stains on the surface of the teeth. In addition, smoking and tobacco use can also cause discoloration. By cutting back on these foods, drinking more water, and eating items such as fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks, you can reduce your risk of discoloration.

2. True. When you brush and floss your teeth you remove the food particles from your teeth that bacteria can break down. Doing so reduces the severity of plaque buildup and keeps your teeth brighter for longer. You should brush twice a day and floss at least once a day.

3. True. We recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. A cleaning is the only way to completely remove plaque from your teeth. In addition, the procedure involves thoroughly polishing your teeth, which can help them appear brighter.

4. True. We offer professional teeth whitening to remove surface stains and porcelain veneers to mask the permanent stains that may develop underneath the surface due to injury or certain medications. If you have any questions about our cosmetic and teeth whitening treatments, then contact our office today.


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