Does your tooth have a cavity? If so, you have likely already received our suggestion to schedule an appointment for a dental filling as soon as you have time. Before you make any assumptions about that filling, we would like you to learn more about tooth-colored fillings, which is what we offer at our practice. We find that patients often have preconceived ideas about fillings based on what they know about metal fillings. Ours, however, are metal-free, which can have a significant impact not only on the way your smile looks after treatment but also on many other factors, including improved candidacy for treatment as well as other benefits. Find out more and you may feel a little more enthusiastic about treating that tooth decay of yours:

Why Is It Called Tooth-Colored?

We call them tooth-colored fillings because we use a material called composite that – though you may refer to it as “white” – does not come in a universal shade. Instead, it is a material that we can customize to match the shade of your surrounding tooth tissue. This is why you may also hear this filling referred to as a “cosmetic filling.” Rather than causing potential problems like tooth darkening or visibility, it will simply blend in with your tooth for a lovely finish.

Does This Filling Fix My Tooth?

Yes. Just like any type of filling, the goal of treatment is to remove the decayed tissue from your tooth. We will clean out the opening and fill it with composite, rather than another material like metal, to restore its health and structure.

Are There Additional Benefits?

The other benefits are also related to the use of composite rather than metal. You can expect the following:

  • Composite does not heat up or become extremely cold, so it will not caused heightened sensitivity to temperature
  • Composite is safe for nearly all of our patients – this includes people allergic to metal, pregnant women, young children, and anyone who is looking for a mercury-free restoration
  • The material will bond to your tooth for long-lasting wear


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