Whether due to injury or oral health issues, we may require restorative dentistry. What is restorative dentistry? This area of dentistry involves treatment designed to improve the function and health of a tooth. Using quality restorations or endodontic treatment, the doctor can make sure your tooth once again functions correctly and looks natural.

Corona, CA Restorative Dentistry Quiz

1. True or False: A filling can address cavities.

2. True or False: We may recommend a dental crown to repair damaged teeth.

3. True or False: In some cases, an extraction is needed to maintain good oral health.

4. True or False: We can perform a root canal to repair infected teeth.

Answer Key

1. True. Instead of metal fillings we can now place a lifelike option using composite resin. A metal-free material that can be shaded to blend with the tooth, your composite filling will look completely natural. We can also use this same material in dental bonding procedures to repair damage to the teeth.

2. True. A dental crown is a cap that fits over the visible portion of the teeth. We use a variety of materials to create lifelike and durable restorations, including porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and zirconia. Crowns can repair advanced decay, breaks or fractures, restore teeth following root canal procedures, and anchor dental bridges into place. We can also use them to complete a single tooth dental implant for a natural looking tooth replacement.

3. True. When a tooth becomes infected or if a wisdom tooth’s arrival threatens impaction or misalignment, you may need an extraction. Employing anesthesia and sedation, we can ensure the procedure is safe and comfortable.

4. True. A root canal procedure involves removing infected tissue from the teeth. We then thoroughly disinfect the interior of the tooth and place a filling material. Finally, we add a crown to complete the procedure and ensure your tooth looks and functions naturally.


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