Very few people enthusiastically thank us when we recommend a root canal treatment for a seriously damaged or infected tooth. However, patients often feel quite different once they become more knowledgeable about this restorative procedure. Of course, once treatment is complete and patients realize a root canal is an effective, surprisingly comfortable treatment that has allowed them to keep their natural teeth, well – they gain a very different perspective. Rather than feeling concerned or apprehensive about your upcoming treatment, we hope you are ready to gain some answers to your pressing questions, so you can feel fortunate and excited about protecting your oral health.

Questions (And Quick Answers) About Root Canals

Question: Will root canal therapy hurt?

Answer: No. We will numb your tooth that requires a root canal, as well as the tissue surrounding that tooth for a comfortable treatment experience.

Question: What if I’m too nervous to schedule my appointment but I know how important it is?

Answer: No problem. We may offer you a form of sedation, so you can achieve a deeply relaxed state. You will feel at ease, rather than nervous, allowing you to enjoy a truly tranquil root canal treatment.

Question: Can’t you just give me a filling?

Answer: No. If your tooth is infected or the dental pulp damaged, we need to remove the pulp. Only a root canal will allow us to perform this improvement and save the your tooth from an extraction.

Question: What if there’s a tiny bit of infection left after you remove the dental pulp?

Answer: We will place medicine within your tooth to combat infection, so you do not have to worry about future problems.

Question: Will you protect my tooth from future infections after treatment?

Answer: Yes. In addition to the medicine we place in your tooth, we may cover your tooth with a dental crown to complete your treatment. This will prevent bacteria from re-entering and will restore your tooth’s structure.


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