Have you ever received a dental crown? We may recommend a restoration should a tooth become damaged or develop advanced decay. In addition, we can place a crown to improve the esthetics of a tooth. There are a number of reasons to receive a dental crown.

Why Do We Need Dental Crowns?

1. Repair Teeth: When a tooth becomes cracked or chipped we may place a crown to restore the tooth. We use a variety of materials to ensure the restoration will look and function naturally, returning your tooth to optimal appearance or structure.

2. Restored Decayed Teeth: If you have a cavity, this can compromise the integrity of your tooth and increase the chances of a tooth becoming fractured or broken. If the decay is severe enough to require more than a filling we may place a dental crown. We address any concerns you may have about repairing cavities.

3. Anchor Dental Bridge in Place: We can also use them to replace missing teeth, placing one on either side of the artificial teeth. There, they are placed onto the natural teeth on either side of the empty place in the smile. This holds the prosthetic into place.

4. Address Cosmetic Issues: If a tooth is malformed or damaged, the restoration can reshape the tooth in as little as two visits. We can also use one to mask permanent discoloration. Another restoration option involves veneers.

5. Complete a Dental Implant: A dental implant is a prosthetic placed directly into the jaw. The new tooth will act like a natural one, helping you achieve a whole and beautiful smile. We place the restoration on top of the new tooth to ensure a lifelike restoration. If you have any questions or concerns, then please contact our office today. We want to help you enjoy a healthy and whole smile.


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