The Centers for Disease Control recently released a study that shows over 25% of adults have an untreated cavity and up to 91% have been treated for one in the past. Despite the prevalence of tooth decay, you can still take steps to prevent the onset of a cavity. How do you avoid tooth decay? By practicing good oral hygiene everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avoiding Tooth Decay in Corona, CA

Question: How do I know if I have a cavity?

Answer: The most common symptom will be discomfort. If you experience sudden discomfort, such as a toothache or tooth sensitivity, that doesn’t subside after 48 hours, you may need to see the dentist. These are common warning signs of cavities and addressing them early helps prevent decay from becoming an infection.

Question: Does it matter what kind of toothbrush I use?

Answer: Yes. While you may assume hard or medium brushes will better remove plaque and food particles, they can actually damage the enamel. Instead, use an ADA-approved toothbrush with soft bristles. Then brush carefully and thoroughly for two minutes per session, once in the morning and again before going to bed.

Question: Should I floss after every meal?

Answer: At a minimum, we recommend flossing before going to bed every night. However, if you prefer to carry floss on you and clean your teeth after each meal you can diligently remove food from between the teeth and improve oral health.

Question: Does it matter what I eat or drink?

Answer: Yes. The foods and drinks we consume can have a direct impact on our oral health. Drinks and foods high in sugar and other starches (soda, energy drinks, candy, chips) can lead to high oral acidity and plaque buildup, weakening outer enamel and leading to the potential onset of tooth decay.


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