No one enjoys an aching tooth. In fact, people regularly ask our staff, “What can I do to avoid toothaches?” There are actually several simple steps you can take to help avoid aching teeth, improving the health and beauty of your smile in the process.

Corona, CA Toothache Prevention Quiz

1. True or False: An aching tooth can be a warning sign.

2. True or False: You shouldn’t ignore pain or sensitivity in your teeth.

3. True or False: With proper oral care you can help prevent toothaches.

4. True or False: We can repair decay or damage with lifelike restorations.

Answer Key

1. True. If you have sudden discomfort or sensitivity in your teeth that doesn’t subside then you may require dental care. Cavities, chips, worn down enamel, or fractures can all allow bacteria to reach sensitive inner tooth structure, where decay can form. Ignoring the ache can increase the risk of infection or tooth loss.

2. True. An infection can eventually cause the tooth to die, at which point extraction will be necessary to stop the spread of the bacteria. To preserve the health and stability of your smile seeking dental treatment is crucial after you first notice persistent discomfort in one or more teeth.

3. True. By maintaining good oral health you actually reduce the risk of bacteria weakening the teeth through plaque buildup. We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes per session. You should also floss before going to bed. In addition, don’t forget to have your teeth examined and professionally cleaned by a dentist twice a year. These steps can help strengthen your smile.

4. True. What if you do have tooth decay? What if a tooth does become cracked or chipped? Then we can place a restoration to restore full structure and appearance to the tooth. We may recommend a filling, crown, or possibly even a cosmetic veneer.


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