Did you know that in some cases removing a natural tooth can improve the health and potentially the appearance of your smile? What may seem counterproductive can actually be essential. We offer safe and caring tooth removal should you require one. There are a number of reasons you may need an extraction.

Common Reasons for Needing a Dental Extraction

1. Dental Infection: An infection occurs when bacteria reaches the pulp, the nerve center of your tooth. Advanced tooth decay or a cracked/chipped tooth can often lead to the onset of an infection. Common symptoms include persistent pain when biting or chewing, swelling, fever, or a toothache that doesn’t subside after 48 hours. If the issue has progressed beyond the point where a root canal can help, then we can simply remove the tooth. We then can discuss possible tooth replacement options, such as a dental bridge or a dental implant.

2. Damaged Tooth: Often we can repair a chipped or broken tooth with a restoration. A filling, dental bonding, or even a dental crown can typically restore the lost structure. However, should the damage be of a substantial nature or if an infection has developed, we may recommend an extraction. The removal process begins with the administration of a local anesthetic. The tooth will then be loosed fro supporting ligaments and removed.

3. Wisdom Teeth: If you have wisdom teeth that are about to erupt we may recommend removing them to avoid an impaction. An impaction occurs when the tooth can only partially erupt, causing discomfort, damaged teeth, misalignment, or infection. We can offer IV sedation and an oral surgeon will perform the procedure to safely and carefully remove the wisdom tooth.

4. Misalignment: If you have severe misalignment than you may be at risk for gum disease, tooth decay, TMJ disorder, or bruxism (teeth grinding). In rare cases, a tooth may need to be removed to help with the orthodontic treatment. Should this be the case, we can perform an extraction.


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