Have you been planning your smile makeover for years? Perhaps you were not even aware that you could achieve a makeover so easily until you learned about the qualities of porcelain veneers. While most patients experience great relief when they discover veneers can address a broad spectrum of imperfections all with a single treatment, they often speak with us about their concerns about further benefits. For instance, are they going to last, you may wonder? To discover some of the more surprising benefits of veneers, take a glance through the following:

You Can Eat What You Want

We find that patients often become worried that they will need to completely alter their eating habits. This includes beverages. The wonderful news for you if you’re considering porcelain veneers is that you may continue to eat and drink what you want without feeling too concerned about staining. While highly pigmented foods may still eventually lead to stains, you’re in no immediate danger of a lackluster smile. Simply brush your teeth twice a day. If you’re worried about potential stains, you may rinse right after meals. Then, brush within thirty minutes to keep staining foods from sitting on your teeth.

Care Is Simple

You don’t need to do anything dramatically different when it comes to your daily dental hygiene. In fact, you should continue brushing and flossing according to your usual routine as long as it follows our recommendations for natural teeth and gum care. Brush your teeth twice a day and remember to floss once a day. Keep your fingernails (and anything else that is hard, like pens for instance) away from your teeth to preserve the integrity of your veneers.

No Need To Worry

Those veneers are built to last. Known for their durability, they will continue to provide you with a beautiful smile as long as you take care of them and don’t place too much pressure on your teeth. If you have habits as mentioned above (chewing on ice, pens, etc.) or if you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) then visit us for suggestions or treatment.


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