You know that it’s time to do something about the open space in your smile that was left behind as the result of tooth loss. However, you may not know where to begin. If you’re missing a tooth or up to three teeth side-by-side, a good place to begin may include learning more about dental bridges. This type of prosthetic offers a beautiful solution that will allow you restore your smile as well as your daily (recently not-so-great) quality of life. Ready for some additional facts to get you started? Read more:

So, What Is A Bridge?

A dental bridge is a dental prosthetic that we suggest for patients who wish to replace up to three teeth. It is composed of a series of artificial teeth. On each end of the bridge is a single dental crown – this is what we will cement over your natural tooth for support. On either side of your open space, we call the natural tooth that rests there your “anchor tooth” or your “abutment tooth” since it offers all of the support for the bridge. Between the end crowns are “pontics.” These artificial teeth rest between your anchor teeth, filling the space to complete your smile.

How It Helps

We will color-match the pontics and dental crowns in your bridge to match the rest of your smile – you can expect a complete smile that looks beautiful. In addition to helping improve your self-confidence, you will find that a dental bridge also improves your daily function. You will be able to eat comfortably and successfully again – the way you did when you still had a full set of natural teeth. Your bridge will also allow you to articulate your thoughts verbally without any difficulty pronouncing your words.

Do I Qualify?

A candidate will only qualify for a dental bridge if his or her smile is missing one tooth or up to three teeth that previously sat next to each other. Otherwise, we will need to suggest an alternative solution to your tooth loss.


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