Are you a little confused about why you need root canal therapy to save your tooth? Perhaps you’re not sure if it’s a big deal whether you schedule your appointment now or later. We find that some patients deal with extremely mixed feelings when it comes to root canals, even if they are experiencing discomfort and need a solution. If you suffer from feeling compelled to schedule your visit because you know treatment is the right choice but you are plagued with fear, rest assured: It’s completely comfortable. It’s also time you learn why you should welcome this therapy option with open arms. For hard facts that will help soften your feelings about rescuing your tooth, consider the following:

You Should Schedule Root Canal Therapy Immediately

What’s the rush? Well, your tooth is infected – actually, it’s the dental pulp within your tooth that has become significantly damaged or infected by bacteria. The bad news in this scenario is that your pulp cannot heal or fix itself. To save your tooth, we will need to remove the pulp and other tissues from the interior portion of your tooth, so you can avoid an extraction.

You see, if you neglect the infection, it will become worse and worse. Eventually, we will need to remove your tooth because the infection will become too severe for root canal therapy. This is a problem because the worsening infection brings with it a list of other complications. The infection may abscess, which can become extremely uncomfortable. The infection may move beyond your tooth, infecting nearby tissues. At this point, you will need additional treatments to restore a greater portion of your mouth.

What’s Wrong With Tooth Removal?

An extraction is an aggressive move unless absolutely necessary. Removing your tooth will leave you with an open space in your mouth, which may throw off your alignment and the balance of your bite. You may also have difficulty with chewing, speaking, and may feel embarrassed to smile. This means we will need to replace your tooth with a dental prosthetic to prevent these problems, which is costly. You can avoid these concerns by agreeing to root canal therapy.


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