If we discover a cavity in your mouth we will likely suggest a dental filling to restore your oral health. In some cases, a very severe cavity may require alternative options like a dental crown. For the most part, however, we will suggest a filling to improve your tooth so it feels and looks like you never suffered from tooth decay at all. Not sure why a filling is so important or what to expect? Find out more with the following details, so you feel good about making the choice to visit us to repair your smile.

It’s Restorative

Restorative dentistry is the area of dental care that focuses on healing and repairing your smile. When you suffer from tooth decay, bacteria from plaque have released acids in your mouth. Those acids have eaten away at your tooth tissue, resulting in a hole we call a “cavity.” We need to address this problem for a variety of reasons. First, your tooth is physically damaged which leaves it vulnerable to further damage. Also, a hole in your tooth offers easy access to bacteria – if bacteria reach the interior portion of your tooth, an infection is likely to occur. You can prevent major problems by restoring your tooth with a dental filling when necessary.

Here’s What To Expect

To begin your dental filling, we will establish complete comfort so you feel at ease. This means that we will use local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area, so you won’t feel much (if anything at all) during the treatment. Then, we will clean out the hole in your tooth, ensuring it is free of debris. To restore your tooth’s structure and health, we will fill it with composite, a synthetic acrylic-resin material that we will match to the shade of your tooth for a lovely finish.


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