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Lifelike Fillings Restore Your Tooth After A Cavity

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  Cavities are a common problem that dental patients face, but this does not mean they should be ignored. It is estimated that all adults will have at least one in their lifetime. When one does occur, it is important to treat it with a filling promptly. Riverside Dental Group in California offers lifelike fillings… Read more »

Repair Your Smile With Lifelike Fillings

If you have been told you have a cavity, it is important to have this treated as soon as possible. Unfortunately, tooth decay can cause permanent damage to your enamel. However, fillings can prevent the cavity from progressing and protect against infection. Even if you take proper steps to prevent decay, you may still need… Read more »

The Differences Between Fillings And Root Canals

When you have a cavity, it’s important to treat it as soon as possible. Removing the decay and filling it with composite resin protects your tooth from damage. When you have a deeper cavity, an endodontic treatment can be used to relieve discomfort and restore the tooth. While these two treatments are similar, they are… Read more »

Composite Fillings Offer A Solution For Cavities

Cavities form from a buildup of plaque and tartar growing on your tooth. This can be prevented with a consistent oral hygiene routine but can still form. At Riverside Dental Group in California, we offer composite fillings to repair a cavity. These offer a variety of benefits compared to traditional fillings.

Protecting Your Tooth After Removing Decay

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When your dentist tells you you have a cavity, it can be quite a disappointment. After all, you attend your cleanings and exams on a regular schedule to prevent decay from taking hold in the first place. But even the best oral hygiene practices can falter. When this happens, we suggest removing the decaying material… Read more »

Repairing Your Tooth After Removing A Cavity

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No one enjoys learning that they have a cavity inside one of their teeth. After all, the reason we brush and floss each day is to protect our smiles against the threat of decay. But even the most ardent oral hygiene enthusiasts can receive a cavity from time to time! By visiting your dentist regularly… Read more »

Restoring The Beauty Of Your Smile

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If you have a damaged tooth or wake up with a sudden ache, we could design a restoration to return the beautiful look of your smile. By neglecting to repair breaks in a tooth’s surface, you could risk developing cavities or an infection of the inner pulp chamber. By treating your tooth on time, we… Read more »

Helping Treat Your Cavities

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The goal of oral hygiene is to preserve a healthy smile by preventing tooth decay and gum disease. When you stay on top of your daily brushing and flossing habits, you regularly remove plaque deposits that contribute to both smile threats. While these daily practices are critical to preventing decay, you may still experience a… Read more »

Preventing And Treating Tooth Decay

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A preventive attitude towards your oral health can help maintain a robust, beautiful smile throughout your life. By practicing behaviors that stop tooth decay in its tracks, you can avoid more costly restorative procedures down the line. To best protect your teeth, combine your daily brushing and flossing routine with regular visits to your dentist… Read more »

Fix Cavities With Dental Fillings

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When plaque and tartar deposits lead to the formation of a cavity, you may rely upon a dental filling to save the remaining healthy tissue. This treatment repairs the breakdown of enamel that allows bacteria to infect your tooth. Seeking a solution on time can prevent further harm from decay, like the breaking or total… Read more »