There is certainly a difference between the fantasy of replacing your teeth with a dental bridge and the reality. What you begin dreaming about typically includes your completed smile. What you may find that you still have questions about is how we design your bridge so it fits comfortably and beautifully within your smile. Fortunately, we offer custom-fitted devices to ensure your smile looks and feels wonderful when you make the decision to address tooth loss. Rest assured, planning your prosthetic is a simple, streamlined adventure.

About Your Replacement Teeth

First, it’s important that you realize we will match the shade of the replacement teeth to your surrounding teeth. Patients are often concerned that the bridge will not blend with the remainder of their smile. Here’s why this works: First, we use porcelain artificial teeth within your bridge. Porcelain is quite similar to natural tooth tissue, so you can expect a lifelike look. In addition, we will customize the color of those artificial teeth, so nobody can tell where the bridge ends and your natural smile continues.

About The Planning

We will take impressions of your teeth. This includes using a putty-like substance to make molds of your smile, a model from which a ceramicist at a dental lab will craft your bridge. As a result, you can expect an exceptional fit and design that blends seamlessly with your remaining natural teeth.

Placing Your Bridge

You already know that a bridge replaces one tooth or up to three teeth in a row, so you can easily visualize a bridge. It’s simply a series of connected artificial teeth. Each end is composed of a dental crown. We will place each crown over a natural tooth on either side of the open space in your smile. The placement is permanent, which means we will cement it in place, making the bridge a “fixed” prosthetic.


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