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Bridge The Gap In Your Smile

  Having missing teeth as an adult can cause more than visual problems. If you leave this space, you may experience difficulties chewing, changes in your speech, and even notice that your smile may become misaligned. Whether you have lost your pearly white due to an injury or other condition, there are options available to… Read more »

Bridges: Things Your Moreno Valley Dentist Reminds You About

Dental bridges can quickly help you solve a single- or multi-tooth opening in your smile that’s left behind by tooth loss. How wonderful! It’s a fixed device, which means once it’s in place, you get to enjoy 24-hour wear, so you can simply get back to your usual life without worrying about removing or placing… Read more »

Things That Are Always True About Bridges

When you’re examining and researching your options for replacing the teeth you have lost, you will find that the more you look into different solutions, the more you find there are lots of features to consider. While many of the treatments available are quite versatile, you will find that the dental bridge is a device… Read more »

Moreno Valley Dentist Explains: Bridges Versus Partials

When you’re looking for solutions for partial tooth loss, you may quickly find that you feel confused about similar treatments. In many instances, this is a problem that comes up frequently for patients trying to decide between partial dentures and dental bridges. Not to fret: Your Moreno Valley dentist explains the difference (and the similarities,… Read more »

Bridges: Test Your Knowledge

Are you a novice when it comes to all things tooth replacement related? Or, do you happen to have some specialized knowledge in the area of dental prosthetics? Let’s begin with choosing a dental bridge for your missing teeth – do you know whether you qualify or what to expect? Allow us to help you… Read more »

Common Questions About Bridges

Are you missing one tooth or up to three teeth that once rested side-by-side? If so, you may make a wonderful candidate for the tooth replacement option called a dental bridge. This is a series of artificial teeth connected to form a single unit, so you can expect a complete, beautiful smile after placement. As… Read more »

Dental Bridges: Are They Right For You?

Beginning your journey into the world of dental prosthetics can feel like taking a single step into some seriously murky waters. The information is all there but wading through the details can cause you to feel overwhelmed. The good news is that when you narrow down your search and focus on a single tooth replacement… Read more »

Are Partials And Bridges The Same?

When you begin your journey into exploring the world of dental prosthetics, you may find that there are some nuanced details that set certain options apart from others. If at first glance you are discovering that you have some difficulty telling partials and bridges apart from one another, we can help. We are quite accustomed… Read more »

Dental Bridge Design

There is certainly a difference between the fantasy of replacing your teeth with a dental bridge and the reality. What you begin dreaming about typically includes your completed smile. What you may find that you still have questions about is how we design your bridge so it fits comfortably and beautifully within your smile. Fortunately,… Read more »