Have you been unhappy with your smile for some time now as a result of discoloration? Fortunately, you are not alone or without options. Like many patients, you have a variety of solutions at your fingertips. You may assume that the only way is to achieve a brighter smile with traditional teeth whitening – which is certainly one option. However, reaching your goal of enjoying a whiter smile (and keeping it that way) is a multi-faceted experience. We encourage you to learn some simple tips that will help you attain the sparkling smile you want.

Limit Staining Foods

Do your favorite foods happen to include those that are known for their stain-causing abilities? Anything super-pigmented (think tea, coffee, berries, and more) is likely to contribute to yellowing or darkening. One option is to limit these foods and to treat them as occasional indulgences rather than daily treats.

Rinse and Brush After You Eat

Not quite ready to give up your morning cup of coffee or other stain-causing agents? Don’t worry – you can practice a little prevention in this case. Even individuals who have already brightened their teeth with teeth whitening will find that this solution helps keep their smiles nice and bright. You will simply need to rinse your mouth out after you eat or drink something staining. Then, after 30 minutes has passed, brush your teeth.

Don’t Forget Your Cleanings

Dental cleanings are just as important as your daily brushing and flossing. Remember to visit us for your six-month checkups and cleanings, so we can help you keep your teeth as clean and stain-free as possible.

Consult With Us For Whitening

Ready to make a dramatic change for a whiter smile? Visit us for a cosmetic consultation. We will discuss your options, such as at-home teeth whitening or in-office whitening, to help you quickly achieve the smile you desire.


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