When you begin your journey into exploring the world of dental prosthetics, you may find that there are some nuanced details that set certain options apart from others. If at first glance you are discovering that you have some difficulty telling partials and bridges apart from one another, we can help. We are quite accustomed to the types of questions patients ask and the particular areas of confusion that can trip them up. By becoming more familiar with the specifics of what each option offers, you will have an easier time making a final decision regarding teeth replacement.

How They Are Alike

  • They Replace Multiple Teeth. Partial dentures and bridges are both referred to as “dental prosthetics.” Unlike complete dentures, which restore a full arch of teeth, these two solutions replace multiple missing teeth. Neither of them replaces your roots (which you can expect from implants). Instead, they simply replace the part of your tooth that rests above your gumline and that is visible when you speak or smile.

How They Are Different

  • A Partial Is Removable. A partial denture is called a “removable prosthetic” for the obvious reasons. You will place this device in your mouth when you need it to complete your smile. Then, whether you need to remove it to clean your smile or to go to bed, you will take it out of your mouth. In some cases, patients choose partials as a temporary solution while they wait for a fixed prosthetic like a bridge or implant. A dental bridge, however, is “fixed.” This means that it will remain right where we place it, cementing it over your teeth. You will not be able to take it out of your mouth.
  • Partials Replace Multiple Tooth Loss Patterns. Partials and bridges are also different in the tooth loss patterns they address. A partial denture can replace most partial tooth loss configurations. A dental bridge replaces one tooth, two teeth, or three teeth all in a row.


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