Have you noticed that your gums look red? Have they been bleeding when you brush your teeth or feeling tender to the touch? If so, it may be time you visit us for periodontal therapy. Not sure what to make of periodontics or why you need specialized care? Well, the health of your gum tissue is just as important as any other part of your mouth. While general dentistry provides far-reaching treatment for your entire mouth, when something serious arises that affects the tissues supporting your teeth, you need serious, specialized care. Learn more, so you feel more confident about improving your gum health.

About Periodontics

The tissue system that supports your smile is vast and complex. You may think of your smile as a single unit comprised of teeth and gums. However, your gum tissue is part of a complicated system that allows your teeth to remain in place and stable. In addition to specializing in gum care, periodontics focuses on other tissues like connective tissues, ligaments, and your jawbone. By keeping each part of your smile and its support system healthy, you can keep the entire working unit in excellent condition.

Why You Need Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease – also called periodontal disease – is quite serious. The good news is that it typically starts at easily treatable and curable inflammation that we call “gingivitis” – the beginning stage of gum disease. However, if you neglect the problem it will flourish and progress into periodontitis. We can treat this full-blown stage of gum disease but we cannot cure it. Whatever stage your gum inflammation or infection has reached, immediate periodontal therapy is essential. By ignoring the problem, the disease will continue to worsen. Side effects include gum tissue that pulls away from your teeth, resulting in deep gingival pockets, gum recession, tooth damage, and even tooth loss and jawbone damage. Seek treatment with us, so your smile remains beautiful and healthy.


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