What is endodontic treatment?” you may ask yourself when we suggest you need this area of specialization to improve your oral health. If you need an endodontist it’s because something is not going well with your dental pulp. This is the tissue that lives within your tooth and in your root canals – or the lowermost hollows of your teeth. Housing everything your tooth needs to survive (think blood vessels, etc.) the pulp is your tooth’s lifeline. When it becomes exposed, the pulp is in danger. When the pulp becomes severely inflamed or infected, it will not heal. This means we must act quickly to address the situation to save your tooth with the appropriate treatment.

Is Root Canal Treatment Right For You?

Root canal treatment is the type of endodontic treatment we suggest for patients whose dental pulp is infected. This may occur as the result of deep tooth decay or bacterial invasion through any crack or opening in your tooth. You may find that your tooth feels extremely uncomfortable if you neglect treatment. The problem will continue to worsen and may result in an abscess. Infection may also leave the confines of your tooth, spreading to surrounding areas. To prevent these problems, we will use a root canal to remove the dental pulp and other tissue from within your tooth, re-seal your tooth, and cover it with a beautiful dental crown.

What If Root Canal Isn’t What I Need?

Root canal treatment is the more common endodontic treatment you can expect to hear us suggest for your tooth. However, if root canal treatment does not work for your tooth or if you’re dealing with a different type of concern, one of the following endodontic treatments may help:

  • Apicoectomy: We will suggest this option if your root canal is not working. This will include the removal of your root’s tip and the placement of a filling to ensure all infection is removed.
  • Apexification: In some cases, you may not be suffering from infection but exposed tooth roots as the result of injury. To protect your tooth and its pulp, an apexification allows us to seal the tip of your roots, protecting the health within.


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