Has the idea of saying, “yes” to dental sealants for your child crossed your mind? Has this fleeting thought left just as quickly as it arrived because you’re not quite sure what to make of sealants or what you can expect from them over the course of several years? Fortunately, we can say with confidence that this is something you should take into serious consideration for your child because sealants offer wonderful advantages. Learn more about this preventive care treatment and you will find that protecting your little one’s developing smile is much simpler than you may have imagined.

Tooth Decay Prevention

A dental sealant is long-term coverage that we place over the chewing surface of a tooth. By covering up the surface with a thin plastic coating, we create a physical barrier between healthy tooth tissue and bacteria-filled plaque. The result is tissue that remains untouched by bacteria and the acids that they release. This provides prevention of tooth decay.

Comfortable Treatment (That You Cannot See)

Receiving dental sealants is comfortable. After preparing teeth, we will then simply need to paint the clear coating of plastic over the chewing surfaces of your child’s molars. There is nothing complicated or uncomfortable about this. Once the procedure is completed, we will then use a curing light (also comfortable) to set the material in place. You will not be able to see the sealant once we have finished.

Long-Term Benefits

Sealants last for many years – often as long as a decade. As the result of this single preventive treatment, you can enjoy years of cavity prevention without worrying about reapplying. We will, of course, monitor the dental sealants to ensure they are still in excellent condition or to suggest an occasional touch-up.


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