Have you given much thought to what might go wrong if you participate in sports? Perhaps you are already well aware what might happen because your child received a hard blow to his or her smile with an elbow or a softball. Whether you, your significant other, or your little ones are involved in athletics that may potentially result in a strong impact, we are ready to protect your smiles with mouthguards. Not sure why you might need this preventive solution or what to expect? The more you learn, the more quickly you will feel excited at how simple it is to keep your smile in one piece.

Potential Sports Side Effects

Participating in sports is wonderful for your overall physical health. However, you are increasing your risk for injuries to any part of your body, including your smile. Coming into strong contact with athletic equipment or another person may result in serious damage to your smile, including chipped teeth, broken teeth, dislodged teeth, cuts, and jaw damage.

How Mouthguards Can Help

A mouthguard offers physical protection for your oral cavity and surrounding structures. We offer Pro-form Mouthguards, which are crafted out of two layers of vinyl. You can expect protection against physical damage and trauma to your smile and your jaw. In some cases, a custom-fitted mouthguard may also safeguard you or your child from experiencing a concussion. This preventive solution may assist in inhibiting injuries, while protecting you from discomfort and serious health side effects. In addition, you will save time, effort, and money.

About Your Customized Mouthguard

We offer custom-crafted mouthguards. This preventive solution to dental injuries is available in a variety of colors, is fitted to your mouth’s dimensions, and may last up to a year.


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