Visiting us for a cosmetic dentistry consultation is something to get excited about. First, you know that you are taking the first step on the pathway toward enjoying an improved, beautiful smile that will make you feel proud. Next, you are visiting dental professionals who can answer all of your questions about addressing your esthetic smile imperfections. We like to suggest that our patients come up with a mental list of questions before their visit to ensure they walk away feeling they receive all of the information they want. Not sure where to begin? Consider a few common inquiries to get yourself started.

Question 1: What Don’t I Like About My Smile?

If you know you dislike your smile but you aren’t sure why, it’s important to give this some thought. Stand in front of the mirror and take a close look. Perhaps you don’t like your tooth shape or tooth length. Maybe you have small cracks or chips in your teeth or gaps between them. Perhaps your smile appears yellowed. Pinpointing what you dislike will help guide us toward your personal smile goals and preferences.

Question 2: How Can You Help Me?

It is important for you to ask questions about which treatments are right for your needs, so you come to know the full spectrum of services available to you. While you may currently feel focused on teeth whitening, for example, crafting your dream smile may include long-term goals that require multiple treatments.

Question 3: What Will The Treatment Entail?

We are always more than happy to provide you with a step-by-step explanation of different cosmetic dentistry treatments and what you can expect from the entire experience. If you have specific questions — please ask! We would prefer that you feel completely informed and confident about your decisions, so the process is enjoyable and yields the results you want.


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