If you have recently found out that you need restorative dentistry to fix a damaged tooth – but a dental filling won’t cut it – you may not know much about what to expect. Sure, we may have suggested a dental crown to repair your tooth, which is something you have likely heard of before. However, you may not need a full crown and instead require an inlay or an onlay. Rather than shrink away from what seems like a complex set of options, we encourage you to learn more about these beneficial treatments that can save your smile. You will find that becoming familiar with our services will help you feel at ease about your upcoming appointment.

About Crowns

A dental crown is a prosthetic that provides full coverage to a damaged or weakened tooth. This prosthetic is often referred to a “cap” because it has a hollow body and fits directly over your tooth in need of restoration. We will custom-design the crown to fit with the dimensions of your smile. In addition, we strive to offer lifelike, color-matched crowns made out of material like porcelain to safeguard the cosmetic value of your smile.

About Inlays and Onlays

In some cases, a filling will not fix your problem but a dental crown will offer too much coverage that you do not need. If this occurs, we may suggest an inlay or onlay, which replaces a portion of missing tooth tissue. Consider the following for a clearer understanding:

  • Inlay: Similar to placing a puzzle piece into a puzzle, an inlay fits between your cusps to replace missing tissue. We will create this solid restoration out of porcelain according to the shape of the missing tissue.
  • Onlay: An onlay is similar to an inlay. However, this restoration will replace tissue damaged along the side of your tooth as well as damaged cusps.


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