When it comes to protecting your child’s smile, you may find that you consistently ask a lot more questions and feel much more concerned than you ever felt for yourself. We understand! In addition, we hope you will take some time to learn more about children’s dental fillings if you’re finding that you feel hesitant to schedule a visit for your little one. While nobody particularly enjoys dealing with tooth decay, this effective treatment actually makes restoring your child’s tooth a breeze. Allow us to offer some helpful facts by answering common questions about pediatric fillings.

Questions About Children’s Dental Fillings

Question: How can I tell if my child has a cavity and needs a dental filling?

Answer: Tooth decay is, of course, something we can quickly diagnose (typically quite early) during a dental checkup. However, between checkups you can often tell that your little one is dealing with tooth decay because his or her tooth will ache or feel quite sensitive.

Question: Does my child really need a children’s dental filling in a baby tooth? That seems unnecessary.

Answer: While the tooth will eventually fall out, it’s very important to address tooth decay immediately with a dental filling. You see, the decay is progressive, which means it may quickly turn to infection, which is very uncomfortable and may negatively affect the permanent tooth below.

Question: Is the dental filling going to discolor my child’s tooth or result in temperature related sensitivity?

Answer: Fortunately, no and no. We offer tooth-colored children’s dental fillings. This means that we use metal-free, mercury-free composite that we color-match to your child’s tooth. The result? A beautiful tooth that looks healthy and that does not experience sensitivity related to temperature.


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