Have you been wondering about clear braces since you have started looking into orthodontic treatment options? For patients researching ways to align their smiles, coming up against the potential need to wear a mouth that displays metal brackets and wires is sometimes simply not an option. Perhaps you’re concerned it will negatively affect your image at work. Maybe you are worried that you will have too much trouble altering your daily eating and dental hygiene habits. Whatever the case, we suggest you learn more about straightening your smile with a clear aligner tray system, so you can say, “goodbye” to potential obstacles and, “hello” to a beautiful smile.

About Your Clear Braces

If you choose to straighten your smile with clear braces, this system will not rely on the metal brackets and arch wires required of traditional braces. Instead, treatment will be composed of clear, plastic aligner trays. The plastic is BPA-free and smooth for daily wear that is both safe and comfortable. To receive clear braces, we will take impressions of your top and bottom teeth, which a dental lab will use as the basis for crafting custom-fitted trays. And, of course, the clear appearance of the trays will make for nearly undetectable treatment that most people will not notice.

About Your Treatment

The good news is that you can take your trays out when you need to, so you can eat the foods you like, brush and floss your teeth like usual, and feel like your life is not much different than it was before you began treatment. As for the particulars of wear, consider the following:

  • You will wear a set of trays and then move through a series of tray sets to complete treatment
  • You must keep your trays in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours each day


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