Have you ever found yourself a bit unsure about the similarities between dental bonding and contouring? Perhaps you have also discovered that you’re equally turned around regarding their differences. We commonly hear from patients that these two seemingly similar – and in some ways completely opposite – cosmetic treatments can result in confusion. Fortunately, by having a few specific questions answered, distinguishing between the two (and understanding more about how they can work together) becomes quite simple. Even better? When you feel confident enough to move forward with treatment, you can quickly enjoy a completely transformed grin.

Questions and Answers About Bonding and Contouring

Question: Can I use these cosmetic treatments in combination with one another? Or will I have to choose just one?

Answer: Dental bonding and contouring make wonderful companion cosmetic treatments to one another. What one treatment cannot achieve, the other can. You can truly re-sculpt your smile according to your preferences.

Question: In what ways are dental bonding and contouring similar?

Answer: Bonding and contouring are similar in a few key ways. First, they both address minor concerns, such as tooth length, tooth shape, and small esthetic issues that can significantly impact the way your smile looks. In addition, each requires only one visit and each is very budget-friendly.

Question: What’s the main difference between dental bonding and contouring?

Answer: Dental bonding “adds tissue” to areas missing tissue, open areas like gaps, or areas that could simply use more (like a short tooth). Dental contouring removes tissue.


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