When you learn that you require restorative care, you will likely find yourself quite focused on details regarding what to expect from the treatment and why we have chosen the particular service recommended for your needs. Then, once those questions have been answered, you may find that something interesting happens. For example, if you require a dental crown – and you feel confident about this selected treatment – you may actually become excited about your upcoming visit as you learn about the advantages. Lucky for you, as is true of all restorations, crowns offer a broad spectrum of benefits.

Advantage #1: You Can Avoid An Extraction

If your tooth is severely damaged, it will require significant coverage and support. Fortunately, we can accomplish this with a dental crown. You may have noticed that this means a crown can act as a last resort, preventing the need for an extraction, while keeping your tooth safe and sound right where it stands.

Advantage #2: They Can Promote Comfort

Is your tooth suffering from serious tooth decay? Perhaps it is cracked and requires external support to avoid breaking. These types of problems can result in discomfort. Fortunately, by preserving the structure of your tooth and offering comprehensive coverage to your treated tooth, you can chew, speak, and enjoy the full use of your tooth again without wincing.

Advantage #3: Crowns May Restore Your Smile’s Beauty

Is your tooth looking pretty shabby? Perhaps it displays significant staining and textural problems. Maybe it’s chipped and cracked. Whatever the problem, we may suggest a porcelain crown when other cosmetic treatments will not suffice.


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