Have you been focused on finding a way to achieve a whiter smile lately but your concerns about professional teeth whitening have been keeping you from moving forward? If so, we suggest you schedule a consultation with us right away, so we can quickly determine the best course of action to help you reach your smile goals. As for those particular worries floating around in your mind, we would like to take just a moment to offer some clarification.

Concern #1: Whitening Will Hurt My Teeth

If you attempt to whiten your smile on your own by purchasing whitening products from the drugstore, it is possible you will damage your teeth. This is most often the case when patients use these treatments over and over (because they will not yield the dramatic results desired). By choosing professional teeth whitening with us, you can rest assured that we rely on formulations built to remove stains, while protecting your oral health.

Concern #2: I Won’t Qualify For Whitening

You don’t know until you visit us – we will take a look at your smile and decide which teeth whitening treatment is best for you. Or, if we discover that you are not a good candidate for bleaching, we will explore other cosmetic treatment options to ensure you achieve a whiter smile.

Concern #3: Teeth Whitening Will Take Too Long

Do you have a wedding quickly approaching? Are you in need of a whiter smile – but you need it right now? If so, we will suggest that you skip the take-home whitening option (which can take up to two weeks) and opt instead for our in-office teeth whitening. Within only an hour or two, your smile will look exceptionally whiter.


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