Do you spend time looking at your smile in the mirror, wondering what to do about the minor damage that seems to be staring back at you from your reflection? If so, you are in luck: We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments like dental bonding to repair your concerns. However, you may feel a bit uncertain regarding the types of esthetic damage we can address, which treatment is best, and how to begin your journey. First, we recommend that you schedule a dental consultation with us, so we can speak with you about your options. For now, think over some simple tips, so you gain some clarity regarding solutions.

Tip #1: Choose Bonding For Chips

Are you suffering from tiny chips in your teeth? If so, we can help you address this issue with a cosmetic dentistry treatment called dental bonding. With the use of a color-matched material called composite, we will build-up the area so it looks like your tooth is whole again. Bonding is quick and comfortable, transforming the appearance of your tooth within a single visit.

Tip #2: Choose Bonding For Camouflaging

Do you need to cover up cosmetic damage, rather than rebuild an area of missing tissue? If so, we can use dental bonding to camouflage your concerns by using in a flat layer. This is a wonderful solution for small stains that do not require teeth whitening, harmless cracks that you feel are unsightly, or problems with texture.

Tip #3: Choose Contouring When You Don’t Need Bonding

Wishing for the opposite of dental bonding? Speak with us about contouring, which is a cosmetic treatment that reshapes your teeth with the gentle removal of tissue.


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