If you know much about dental contouring, you know that we will use a gentle polishing instrument to carefully remove bits of tissue. As a result, we can create a smoother finish, alter the shape of things, and make significant improvement with tiny alterations. While the process may be clear to you, the improvements you can achieve may not. We invite you to learn more about the particular changes and advantages associated with contouring, so you have a broader understanding of how it may benefit your smile.

Improvement #1: Reduce A Long Tooth

Is one of your teeth much longer than the rest of the teeth in your smile? Maybe you have noticed that your smile line looks a bit jagged due to uneven tooth lengths. No problem – we will address the issue with dental contouring. By gently reducing the length of the longer teeth, we can even out your smile line for a uniform finish.

Improvement #2: Soften Sharp Points

Are you dealing with “vampire teeth” that you dislike? Perhaps a variety of your teeth have rough edges or sharp points. We can gently and effectively soften these areas, thereby softening the appearance of your smile. Your tongue and soft tissues will benefit from smoother tooth borders, too.

Improvement #3: Smooth Texture

Perhaps you have some gentle grooves on the tips of your teeth that you dislike – maybe you are dealing with some mild pitting on your tooth surfaces. Whatever the case, think of dental contouring as a gentle polishing that we will apply to the rougher areas of your smile.


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