Ask your friends and family about the dental treatment that causes them the most anxiety and you will likely find that the majority feel strongly about root canal therapy. Unfortunately, this restorative treatment receives unfair judgment. By learning just a bit about it, you will discover that a root canal is exceptionally beneficial, allowing you to keep your tooth, avoid an extraction, and enjoy restored comfort. Still have questions about addressing your infected tooth? Allow us to provide additional details with a Q&A session that addresses frequently asked questions.

Root Canal Therapy: Questions and Answers

Question: Why do I need root canal therapy to save my tooth? Won’t my tooth eventually heal like other types of infections?

Answer: You need this treatment because your dental pulp will not heal. While your body has the ability to clear certain types of infection, healing infected dental pulp is not on the list. We simply need to remove the pulp tissue to rescue your tooth.

Question: I’ve heard that if a person develops a deep cavity they will immediately require root canal therapy. Is this always the case?

Answer: There is not an “always” when it comes to dental diagnoses and treatments. We need to take a look at your particular problem. In some instances, a deep cavity can lead to infection, which will warrant a root canal. However, sometimes a filling is sufficient.

Question: I’m wondering if there’s a way to avoid tooth infections in the future. Is there something I can do differently?

Answer: Make sure you are doing the following to keep your tooth healthy: Brush twice daily, floss at least once daily, schedule six-month cleanings and checkups, and schedule restorative treatments immediately to avoid problems from progressing into infections.


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