When your tooth hurts, there may be little chance of ignoring it, depending on its severity. Even if it is mild enough to forget about it for a while, you still should not disregard the discomfort. Whatever’s making your tooth sensitive may only grow worse the longer you neglect it. Some over-the-counter pain relievers can offer temporary pain relief, but to cure your toothache once and for all, you could require professional dental treatment to address its underlying cause.

Find Out Why Your Tooth Hurts

A toothache can mean anything from something stuck between your teeth to an infection that’s destroying the tooth’s insides, and a number of different issues in between. Before treating your sensitive tooth, your dentist will first have to learn what’s causing it. Common reasons for persistent toothaches can include;

Your Dentist-Recommended Treatment

When severe, a toothache can have a serious impact on the quality of your daily life. Eating might become a near-impossible task, your normally-good mood can turn surly, and simply inhaling cold air could agitate the discomfort. After a comprehensive examination to check for the cause of your toothache, your dentist will recommend an appropriate treatment based on your specific needs.

Reduce the Chances of Future Toothaches

Although toothaches share a wide range of possible causes, the most common are dental diseases like cavities and gum disease that wear down your teeth’s support and defenses. Tooth enamel, the resilient layer of minerals around your teeth, can weaken in the face of bacterial acid every time you eat.

If your hygiene isn’t up to par, then these acids can thin your enamel until the dentin underneath it becomes sensitive to bacteria, food particles, temperature changes, and other irritations. Besides brushing and flossing your teeth twice every day, visit your dentist at least once every six months for a dental checkup and cleaning to inspect your teeth for weak enamel and cavities.


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