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Enhancing The Shade Of Your Teeth

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Is your smile as white as you would like? If recent photographs of your grin show a much brighter appearance, you may benefit from a professional treatment to brighten your teeth. While daily oral hygiene is vital to preventing tooth decay and other threats, surface stains and discoloration can even appear in otherwise completely healthy… Read more »

Orthodontic Care For Your Teeth

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When you begin deciding to fix problems with the spacing of your teeth, there are multiple options for orthodontic correction. Knowing the benefits of each solution can help you narrow down which treatment is best for your condition and lead to a pleasing outcome. Depending upon the extent of your malocclusion or other factors such… Read more »

Maintaining Healthy Gums

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Taking care of your oral health includes focusing on your gums as well as your teeth. Your gingival tissues provide critical protection against oral bacteria and provide the connective link between your teeth and jaw. While reversible in its first stage, gingivitis, an infection of your gums becomes permanent once it reaches your jawbone. For… Read more »

Relieving Your Tooth Infection

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Constant pain in one of your teeth is not a symptom you should ignore or take lightly. When you have consistent discomfort in your tooth that will not go away on its own, this can indicate an infection of the pulp. If you do not seek timely care, your pain may increase as the infection… Read more »

Helping You Prevent Tooth Decay

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When was the last time you planned a visit to the dentist? If it has been a long time since your last visit, we recommend scheduling an appointment at least once every six months. At your semiannual cleaning and examination, you receive the care needed to protect your smile from tooth decay and other oral… Read more »

The Importance Of Children’s Dentistry

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Learning habits to protect the health of your smile begins in early childhood. This means that when kids attend their first checkups and cleanings, they become accustomed to the role the dentist plays in safeguarding their smile. When a child’s first tooth erupts, meeting the dentist helps them become comfortable with the idea of taking… Read more »

Teeth Whitening For A Bright Smile

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Are you looking for an easy way to enhance the shade of your teeth? If your smile is beginning to not look as bright as it once appeared, cosmetic solutions can help you restore your confidence in your grin! As the years go on, food, drink, or tobacco use can cause unsightly blemishes that make… Read more »

Orthodontic Care For All Ages

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When you decide to straighten your teeth, knowing all of your options can answer your concerns at any age. Each orthodontic appliance seeks to provide a more uniform smile with desirable health benefits, but different solutions can correct more severe misalignment more effectively. Certain orthodontic services differ in their benefits over the treatment period as… Read more »

Prioritize Your Periodontal Health

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Did you know that maintaining a healthy smile is about more than just the look of your teeth? When you perform a daily oral hygiene routine, your brushing and flossing efforts are just as important for the continued health of your gums as well! By removing the accumulation of bacteria and debris that turn into… Read more »

A Reliable Treatment For Tooth Infection

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If you have pain in one of your teeth that lasts multiple days, it can indicate a serious oral health problem. When a toothache interrupts your ability to comfortably speak and eat, a bacterial infection may be the underlying cause. While temporary pains that subside are no reason for alarm, you should seek immediate professional… Read more »