When it comes to protecting porcelain veneers, it’s a good thing if you are treating your smile just like you always have. Fortunately, veneers are incredibly durable and even resist staining. Receiving veneers and then practicing a very cautious life is not necessary and is certainly stressful. However, just like we suggest you maintain some mindfulness of your natural teeth, the same is true for veneers. Though strong, veneers can still suffer from damage. Consider some ways you might be accidentally hurting your veneers, so you can make little changes to your daily habits.

#1: Those Bad Habits

Do you have some bad habits that you assume we might frown upon? Maybe you bite your nails, perhaps you have a penchant for crunchy snacks that are difficult to chew. Maybe you love chewing on the arm of your glasses or on pencils. Whatever the case, do your best to knock these habits out – it will keep you from experiencing problems like chips and cracks.

#2: Forgetting About Staining Foods

Your porcelain veneers can remain looking lovely and white for quite a long time – as long as you put in a little work to prevent stains. Though porcelain can resist discoloration it can still yellow or darken. Here’s what you should do: You can avoid staining foods (think coffee or berries) if you won’t be able to brush your teeth. Or, remember to rinse with water after eating these foods. Follow the rinse session with a brush session after a half an hour passes.

#3: Using Too Much Force

Are you so worried about your porcelain veneers that you’re brushing them with extreme force and a hard bristle toothbrush? Stop and think “gentle.” Soft, gentle motions and pressure with a soft-bristle toothbrush is what you need for exceptional cleaning that won’t lead to scrapes.


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