How much do you know about tooth infections? Do you consider yourself a master of this very serious dental problem? Are you certain whether we offer root canal treatment for infected teeth or some other restorative procedure? The unfortunate news is that infection may quickly lead to serious complications and even the loss of your tooth. The wonderful news is that by becoming informed on the topic, you can protect your smile against infections, so your teeth remain in excellent health. Learn more with some insightful questions and answers.

Questions and Answers: Tooth Infections

Question: How does my tooth become infected?

Answer: A tooth infection occurs when bacteria gains access to the inside of your tooth. Your dental pulp – the soft tissue that lines the interior of your tooth and your root canals (lowermost chambers) – will become inflamed and infected.

Question: How do you treat a tooth infection?

Answer: To treat an infected tooth, we perform a root canal treatment. This is a restorative procedure in which we will remove the infected dental pulp and other tissues and nerves from the inside of your tooth. Root canal therapy allows us to save your tooth from an extraction.

Question: How do I know if I need root canal treatment?

Answer: It is often difficult to determine whether your tooth is infected on your own – symptoms do not always occur. If you do experience some form of discomfort, we always suggest you visit us as soon as possible. In addition, maintain consistent twice-annual visits, so we can detect a problem that you may not recognize.


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