Have you found yourself coming up with a long list of reasons to avoid whitening your smile (even though teeth whitening is exactly what you want for your teeth)? If so, we understand. You are among many patients who struggle with the decision to move forward with a cosmetic treatment. Why? Well, each experience is unique. You may feel uncomfortable investing in something that is beauty based, you may assume you don’t have time, or you might simply have unanswered questions. Allow us to enlighten you for a moment by examining some fibs that might be keeping you from achieving the smile you truly desire. 

Lie #1: It Will Make My Teeth Too Sensitive

If you try to whiten on your own, chances are good that you might end up with some sensitivity. In addition, it is normal to experience a bit of sensitivity immediately after your teeth whitening treatment. However, when you choose professional whitening, we provide a formula that has been specially made to protect your teeth from discomfort or damage.

Lie #2: It’s Best To Love My Smile As-Is

Accepting yourself for who you are is certainly an admirable trait. However, if years of coffee drinking or other issues have darkened or yellowed your smile, choosing the simple yet effective treatment of teeth whitening is nothing to feel bad about. In fact, your confidence will likely soar when you achieve a whiter smile and you can expect to make a stronger first impression.

Lie #3: I Can Just Use OTC Products For The Same Results

Actually, over-the-counter (OTC) products are diluted. This means that they are not nearly as powerful as our teeth whitening products but they will lead to damage if you overuse them (which is very common when trying to achieve noticeable results).


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