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Schedule A Dental Cleaning and Exam

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Maintaining your healthy smile begins with brushing and flossing at home. Your at-home oral hygiene is supported with regular trips to your dentist’s office for cleaning and examination. These visits combine to prevent the buildup of plaque and treat the presence of tartar that lead to tooth decay. At your Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we… Read more »

Placing A Strong Dental Crown

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Your teeth are covered by outer layers of enamel which protect the underlying structure. Unfortunately, this enamel cannot regrow itself when heavily damaged. A lifetime of wear and tear, physical trauma, and decay may require a restorative solution to keep your smile strong. At our Riverside, CA dental practice, we can provide permanent support to… Read more »

Addressing Painful TMJ Issues

The painful problems you experience with awkward, uneven, and stiff jaw movement can impact your quality of life in ways that are hard to simply ignore. Letting these issues continue unaddressed means more discomfort, as well as the onset of more frequent headaches, and it can also lead to the start of a destructive teeth… Read more »

Can Veneers Help My Smile?

What is it going to take for you to feel truly confident whenever you smile? As long as that one flaw, or those several flaws, are visible when you speak, smile, and laugh, it can be tough to feel truly happy with your appearance. Bringing this matter up with your Riverside, CA dentist can help…. Read more »

Taking Action Against Enamel Wear

Enamel erosion can gradually alter a person’s smile; while it is often hard to notice the effects for many years, some will see changes worrying and unflattering changes relatively young. There are different reasons for this, as factors like your diet choices, hygiene, issues with teeth grinding, and natural enamel strength can all affect the… Read more »

How Your Root Canal Treats Your Tooth Pain

The start of a toothache can be alarming. It can suggest that something has changed about your oral health in a way that demands professional treatment. Your discomfort can point to a problem, one that has gone unnoticed until you started to experience sensitivity or tooth pain. As a cavity worsens, you become more vulnerable… Read more »

Tooth Bonding Services And Your Smile Goals

The path to the smile you want to show off could be surprisingly short. For patients who choose to proceed with tooth bonding and contouring work, results can be seen in as little as one appointment! During that appointment, your Riverside, CA dentist can do work to reshape, brighten, and resize teeth. Your care can… Read more »

We Can Place Discreet Fillings

Dental work has to take place when a cavity forms if you want to save your tooth and prevent potentially serious complications. If the problem is identified in time, you can enjoy results while only requiring a dental filling. This treatment will ultimately limit how much work is needed for your tooth, as your Riverside,… Read more »

Dental Visits And Periodontal Health

When you show up to your next dental exam, you can expect to learn whether or not you have problems with cavities. What you should also receive feedback on is the state of your gums. If you have problems with your periodontal health, they should be addressed in a timely manner, as acting quickly will… Read more »

Smart Care For Intrinsic Discoloration

How does intrinsic discoloration differ from the kind of discoloration caused by external stains? The stains that gather on your enamel can be effectively treated with bleaching agents that remove particles that have dulled this material. When you have intrinsic discoloration, you will have issues within the tooth structure that are responsible for your cosmetic… Read more »