Are you sure you know all you need to know about dental bonding? Have you been thinking about making your smile look even better by fixing the smaller problems – like chips or tiny stains – that give you grief every time you look in the mirror? If so, bonding is likely a wonderful treatment option for you. However, you might find yourself shying away from bonding if you’re letting a few misconceptions get the best of you. Allow us to offer some clarity, so you can more quickly achieve your dream smile.

Misconceptions About Bonding

Misconception: Dental bonding can certainly cover up a variety of problems, fill spaces, or extend a tooth – however, it will not last very long so it might not be worth it.

Truth: Actually, your bonded tooth may look fresh and vibrant for around 10 years or more – make sure you take good care of your smile, so the work stands the test of time.

Misconception: Just like any cosmetic dentistry treatment, dental bonding may require a sizable investment.

Truth: When it comes to cosmetic treatments, there is a wide span of prices along which different treatments fall. Veneers, for instance, will require a considerable investment but they also provide an exceptional list of changes. When it comes to dental bonding, you can expect a surprisingly budget-friendly, affordable price to improve your tooth.

Misconception: You will need to see us quite often to achieve the finished product with bonding.

Truth: Actually, dental bonding is an extremely efficient cosmetic treatment. Fortunately, this means you will probably only need to see us once or twice until your smile looks the way you would like.


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