Have you recently been told by our practice that you need root canal therapy to protect your smile and save your tooth? If so, you might find yourself wondering why you need this particular treatment, whether it’s necessary, if perhaps you should have asked about alternatives, and many similar questions. We understand – many patients initially come up with a long list of questions before they feel comfortable seeing us for the treatment. Do yourself a favor and consider the answers to some FAQs to improve your confidence.

Do You Really Need It?

Yes. If your dental pulp is not infected or seriously damaged, there is no reason for us to perform root canal therapy. We will only make the conservative suggestion for treatment if we have determined that your pulp is inflamed and requires removal to save your tooth. To verify the need, we will rely in part on digital X-rays, so we know just what is going on beneath the surface.

Isn’t There Another Option?

No. All other restorative dentistry treatments deal with your tooth but do not deal with your roots. Your dental pulp lines the lowest chambers of your teeth – your “root canals” – which means we may only access them with the use of endodontic care.

What If You Don’t Schedule One?

If you don’t schedule your root canal treatment, negative side effects will occur. The severity of these problems may vary but they will typically all lead to the loss of your tooth. First, the infection will become worse and an abscess may form on your root tip. The abscess may burst, which will allow infection to spread throughout your mouth – it may even enter your bloodstream. Agree to treatment to avoid extremely severe consequences and costly treatments to fix the additional problems.


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