In some cases, dental extractions are absolutely necessary and there’s nothing you can do to prevent them – for instance, you may find that your wisdom teeth need to be removed because they threaten your oral health. However, in many cases, an extraction becomes needed due to damage or issues with oral health, which you can easily prevent if you know how to do so. Do yourself a favor and consider some surprisingly simple tips to keep your smile intact.

#1: Wear A Sports Mouth Guard

We suggest you wear a sports mouth guard – if you participate in sports, that is. Whether you’re on a team or working out independently, if there’s even the smallest chance of an impact to your mouth, a guard can help. Sudden surprises often lead to a seriously damaged or shattered tooth, which, subsequently, may require an extraction and tooth replacement.

#2: Don’t Skimp On Home Care

Are you someone who usually brushes your teeth but sometimes you’re too tired at night? Perhaps you don’t like flossing very much, so you only do it if you find the sudden motivation. Whatever the case, we suggest you keep up with our exact suggestions. Skipping twice daily brushings or once daily flossings can quickly lead to decay – as a result, decay may become an infection. When problems with oral health become serious, a dental extraction is often the final option (which you can avoid with proper prevention).

#3: Don’t Stay Away From Our Practice

First, part of excellent preventive care includes visiting us twice annually for checkups and cleanings – skip these and oral health problems are likely. As for restorative needs, if we suggest a filling, crown, root canal, or otherwise, agree to treatment and schedule your appointment ASAP. You will save the health of your tooth, which will prevent the need for a dental extraction.


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