When it comes to qualifying for dental implants, there’s a lot more to consider than you may think. First, it is – of course – essential that your smile can support implants, otherwise you will not be able to successfully receive them. However, it is also quite significant that implants meet your qualifications for a tooth replacement solution that meets your needs. Before you assume this is the one and only treatment for you, we encourage you to consider a few factors as you move forward toward replacing missing teeth.

#1: Your Jawbone Health

The absolute essential factor in qualifying for dental implants is the fact that you need a strong jawbone that has not lost its density. For individuals struggling with jawbone damage or deterioration, your jaw tissue will not be able to support the implant posts. We may recommend bone grafting to improve your jaw health. Only then may you potentially qualify for implants.

#2: The Investment

When it comes to selecting dental implants, it is important that you ask yourself how you feel about the investment, not necessarily the cost. You see, an implant may last the rest of your life, which mean that over time this tooth replacement solution will likely become just as cost-effective as a dental bridge (which will require repairs and replacements). Simply determine whether you are prepared for a sizable upfront investment as you consider your budget.

#3: The Process Length

Patients often love the idea of dental implants but are not at all happy with the fact that the entire process may last upwards of a year. Speak with us about the different steps like placement and recovery, so you have a realistic expectation of how you may reach your goal of addressing your tooth loss.


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