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How Root Canals Relieve Dental Pain

Corona, CA, Root Canal

When you develop a pain in your tooth that will not go away on its own, tell your dentist right away. This pain can make the simplest of tasks impossible, but without treatment, it threatens to spread to other parts of your body. That is because toothaches are a common symptom of dangerous infections that… Read more »

Strategies To Prevent And Manage Gum Disease

Corona, CA, Gum Disease

What behaviors do you practice to protect your oral health? When people think about safeguarding their smile, brushing and flossing to prevent cavities comes to the top of their minds. These activities have benefits beyond avoiding tooth decay. The same bacterial deposits that wear away at a tooth’s surface can create an inflammatory response in… Read more »

Preserving Your Smile With Orthodontic Care

Corona, CA, Orthodontic Care

Is your smile as uniform as you would like it to be? If you have been thinking about your options for correcting the alignment of your grin, speak to your dentist about our orthodontic services! We provide both traditional braces and alternative treatment with clear aligner therapy. While each approach seeks the same goal of… Read more »

Maintaining Gum Health After An Infection

Corona, CA, Gum Disease

Learning you have an active gum infection can be a bit scary. How do you stop chronic bad breath or bleeding that strikes every time you brush your teeth? By scheduling a checkup right away, we can discuss your options for getting gum disease under control and preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. By… Read more »

Restoring Healthy Smiles After Gum Disease

Corona, CA, Gum Disease

If you receive a gum disease diagnosis during a dental checkup, it can be a little scary to learn. After all, the connective tissue that holds your teeth in place is critical to maintaining a healthy smile. Fortunately, we provide advanced treatment options to help you take on this common oral health problem and preserve… Read more »

Returning Your Bright White Smile

Corona, CA, Teeth Whitening

Has your smile started to take on blemishes or stains recently? If your grin is not as bright as it used to be, your dentist can provide helpful tips on returning its shade. By discussing your options for cosmetic treatment, you can lift material from your tooth’s enamel and adopt strategies to maintain its white… Read more »

Oral Appliance Therapy For Teeth Grinding

teeth grinding

What habits do you practice each day to promote your oral health? Brushing and flossing help you remove bacterial deposits that gather on the surface of your teeth. This prevents cavity formation and gum irritation that can lead to infection. But what can you do about concerns that happen while you are asleep? If you… Read more »

Removing Stains From The Surface Of Your Smile

smiling man

Is your smile as bright as you would like? If your teeth are beginning to take on stains or a yellow hue, it can take a real toll on your appearance. Teeth that are otherwise completely healthy could imply to others that something is wrong with your oral hygiene. To help you regain your self-confidence,… Read more »

Selecting An Orthodontic Treatment

Photo of adorable happy young woman wearing braces

Have you been thinking about options to straighten your smile? If your bite could use alignment or closing of gaps between your teeth, you could receive esthetic and functional improvement at the same time! When you understand the basic differences between traditional orthodontic braces and their alternative treatments, you can more easily move forward with… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile From Grinding

Portrait of an active senior

Do you feel aches or pain in your facial muscles when you wake up each morning? If your jaw joints feel worse for wear, you could be grinding your teeth at night. This unconscious habit destroys the protective outer layer of your smile leaving you sensitive to developing severe problems with your oral health. As… Read more »