You may think to yourself as many patients do that you will simply brush and floss like a champion, so you won’t have to worry about periodontal disease developing. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions and efforts, avoiding gum problems all on your own is going to prove a nearly impossible feat. Allow us to explain why keeping up with your twice-annual dental cleanings and checkups is so exceptionally significant in protecting your periodontal health.

Reason #1: There Are Often Hidden Factors

There are a variety of factors that may cause periodontal disease to develop. Since they are hidden until we dig them up through conversation, it is essential that we establish an ongoing relationship with you. As a result, we will find out whether any factors like hormonal shifts, a family history of gum problems, or even certain medications you are taking might influence your chance of gum disease.

Reason #2: A Brush And Floss Aren’t Sufficient

About that home preventive care you’ve been practicing. It keeps accumulation of plaque to a minimum but some amount of that plaque will harden into tartar, which is like cement. For removal and periodontal disease prevention, you will need to visit us for a professional dental cleaning.

Reason #3: You Might Not Notice It

As periodontal disease begins in its earliest stage – called gingivitis – it’s still reversible. During this time, we will be able to recognize the problem during a checkup and offer treatment. Unfortunately, you may not notice the problem because symptoms are often not apparent. Keep up with your appointments, so we can catch gum health problems immediately.

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