Are you wondering if you need teeth whitening? Perhaps you are completely convinced you need this cosmetic treatment to make the improvements to your smile that you have been dreaming of for so long. While we appreciate your decision to visit us to make the changes you desire, we would like to encourage you to look at cosmetic care with a clear mind. In some instances, achieving the more beautiful, vibrant, white smile you are after will actually require a treatment other than traditional whitening. Allow us to explain.

Instance #1: You Have One Single Stain

Why are you seeking teeth whitening from our practice? Is it because your entire smile has taken on a darker, yellowed, or brownish hue? Or, are you extremely upset about a single stain? For isolated concerns, choosing to rely on the comprehensive change offered by whitening may not be in your best interest. Instead, we may suggest dental bonding to address the concern.

Instance #2: Your Stains Are Extremely Stubborn (Or Intrinsic)

Perhaps you are dealing with some serious discoloration. Sometimes, this means that years of staining have affected your smile. Usually, we can rely on teeth whitening if the stains have primarily affected the surface of your teeth. However, if your stains are deep (intrinsic) or if they are the result of certain medications (like tetracycline), we may suggest porcelain veneers instead. They will camouflage the problem, offering the dramatic whitening you want.

Instance #3: You Want A Whiter Smile … And Then Some

Are you seeking not only a whiter smile but also multiple improvement (such as a closed smile gap and a more symmetrical smile)? Again, we may suggest veneers instead of teeth whitening – this treatment will address all of your concerns, rather than only addressing discoloration.

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